What is Integrative Wellness, you ask?

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What is Integrative Wellness, you ask?

Integrative Wellness is a practice and theoretical basis for the application of healing modalities, using a wide variety of techniques to address the physical, biochemical, social and spiritual dimensions of humanity. Integrative Wellness, among other health care philosophies rests on that of innate intelligence, that healing comes from within, harmonizing with other techniques applied from the external world.
It is a section of health care with roots in Integrative Medicine, which can be defined as, “the practice of medicine that reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapeutic approaches, healthcare professionals and disciples to achieve optimal health and healing.”
The two modalities have few but some distinctive differences. One difference is based on the English understanding of the term, “medicine.” In the English dictionary, a “medicine” is something used to treat disease or enhance well-being.
There are other philosophies that broaden the English definition of medicine by defining it as “the presence and power embodied in or demonstrated by a person, a place, an event, an object, or a natural phenomenon.” Medicine can be a material object, like an herb, an object, a kind word or prayer. It can be a stethoscope used by a caring and compassionate doctor. Medicine can be looked at as music, dance, love, laughter, exercise, eating and making good food, sharing intimacy, artistic expressions, bathing, singing, talking, listening. Medicine is anything that is healing. Healing is anything that improves the quality of life! Healing is completely unique to each person. Each person has different needs in order to establish, enhance and restore one’s quality of life.
Integrative Wellness seeks to empower individuals to be self-accountable for their own lives, thereby enhancing health, well being and the ability to achieve one’s life purpose. Ultimately, Integrative Wellness is a life style practice, that supports the whole person in any and all appropriate healing modalities. This empowers the individual to engage purposefully, to participate in their own health care so that they may participate in the greater good of humanity and nature. Integrative Wellness is not just a singular modality of health, it is the dance towards harmony between the individual and the community working for a synergistic life-time of experience!

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  1. Greatly enjoyed your blog. Right on — every word of it. Thank you for sharing.

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