“Galadriel is very intuitive, she seemed to tune right into the places that needed attention without me even saying anything. She really helped me unwind a lot of stress in my shoulders.”
-Jacob Devaney, Web Designer

“This is an amazing work of art, hands head heart healing! I give my recommendation to anyone seeking healing love integration!”
-Juanita Felix

“Out of the many other massage therapists I have seen for body work, Galadriel is by far the best and gave me the most and longest lasting pain relief. Not only is she an inspiring source of information for both body and soul, but she is a true healer. Her extensive background and experience, paired with her loving and open demeanor, characterize her as a one-of-a-kind therapist and friend. I can only hope to encounter another massage therapist that listens to my body as much as Galadriel does.”
-Lucas Dowling