Plant lore for inquiring minds !

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Traveling among these plants that grow so well in the light of day

Is beautiful to watch while we all hold hands and play!

Playing hide and seek behind the trees, be careful where you step for you never know what you will see

Oh, look, a dandelion! They’re everywhere and all around

Across our planet, they’re truly needed when finally found.

Did you know you can eat their flowers and their green leaves too?

They are good for your liver, it’s really, really true!

And when you need a big cleanse, a wash from the inside out

You can drink it just like the others, in a nice, warm tea

And you’ll be at your best, feeling young, wild and free!

Echinacea is a very special flower indeed, and we’ll see it growing in the first months of spring

It’s purple, pink, sometimes yellow and white

You won’t be able to miss it for its colors are always so very bright!

It’s a cone flower, made to perfection

It helps our white blood cells heal any infection

It boosts your immune system, fighting flus and colds

It helps stop your coughing and a runny nose

The roots are the best, though the flowers are pretty to smell

Keep Echinacea close by and let this be a secret that you can have with all the friends you tell

Horehound is a plant, my dears, that was once made into a candy back in the day

For its sweet and bitterness has been used for kids when they got sick, or so my grandmother did say!

It’s quite a strong plant, thriving by a roadside or a ditch

White horehound has the ability to kill pain and relax a twitch!

It can make you sweat and make you pee. It can help you digest when you drink its tea.

If you’ve got a cold, flu or cut, use the leaves and young shoots

                                                            And if a rattlesnake has bitten you, be sure to use the roots!1506015_10206448032334894_417179947139418673_n

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