Gala’s Story of Plants through Poetry

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Gala’s Story of Plants through Poetry

Herbal medicine, plant identification, and poetry and rhyme creatively weave into story telling adventures!

Here is a beginning to one of Gala’s creative expressions as she aims and strives to share her passion for wellness and nature through a fun education on plants

“Okay ladies and jelly’s ! Let’s wander about

as we travel out

to mysterious lands, smelling with our eyes

and listening with our hands!

And as we pass high green leaves and low growing grass,

Keep your eyes wide open to the different plants we pass

For over there to your right is burdock quite important and easy to carry

It’ll stick with you and to you because its burs are spiky and hairy

It cleans your blood with its roots; will help to balance and protect

It fights infections from fungi and parasites; you know it will have great effects

Heat it up with some water and make it into a tea. You can even cook its roots for a treat to eat!

For this is burdock the great, and it’s a plant strong and tough for you to appreciate!



Stay tuned for the next plant- the next rhyme– the next revealing treasure on our plant identifying adventure!

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  1. Love this. Please keep sharing your wisdom and bright light with us.

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