A certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance, offering kinesthetic and emotional awareness practices through yogic activities for adults and children since 2010. She has had an avid interest in the medicinal use of plants since childhood, spent six years working under a Naturopath making tinctures, salves and other natural remedies, and has continued her self-directed studies since . jakeyou'rethehoShe was raised in a Chiropractic family and has been living a holistic, healthy lifestyle for her entire life. She brings a wealth of knowledge and professional training to the community of Integrative Wellness practices. People experience release of aches and pains, relaxation, and a faster recovery from many types of health issues when Galadriel works to unravel the knots and trigger points out of muscles. Galadriel seeks to restore empowerment within individuals to take control of their own healthcare and happiness. She is available by appointments made through this page or by telephone.