Defining My College Degree

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My studies in Human Development with an Emphasis on Integrative Wellness highlights the ongoing pursuit of a healthy well-being. A competence focused on integrative wellness tends to the multi-dimensions of our health, including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It also emphasizes the importance of taking personal initiative in caring for oneself. The knowledge base of a scholar in this competence is focused on the full spectrum of human function and potential. It means that in order for people to be truly healthy, all of our bodily systems must being working well, as well as our relationship with our social network, the Earth and having a strong sense of purpose. For a healer, it means to bring knowledge and skills from many fields of health care to bear on the healing experience. Wellness care is about taking care of people in ways that encourage better physiology, a healthier lifestyle and deeper awareness.  The hallmarks of wellness care are education and fostering [in clients] a strong sense of personal responsibility and empowerment for themselves and for the Earth that we all share.

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