Integrative Wellness

Integrative Wellness is:

  • A practice and theoretical basis for the application of healing modalities that uses a wide variety of techniques addressing the physical, biochemical, social, and spiritual dimensions of humanity.
  • Compatible with the  philosophy of innate intelligence, that healing comes from within while in balance with techniques applied from the external world.
  • Intended to help patients feel empowered to engage purposefully in their life work.

Integrative Wellness supports:

  • The attainment of optimal wellness
  • Feeling, acting, and looking our best
  • A calm nervous system and an enhanced immune system
  • Self-actualization
  • The belief and confidence in oneself

 The integration of a holistic lifestyle and related therapeutic techniques is instrumental in the journey to fulfill one’s hierarchy of needs.

Integrative Wellness supports this generation’s movement toward positive change. In an attempt to contribute toward evolving healthcare consciousness let’s elaborate on the growing field of Integrative medicine and holistic healthcare.

Integrative Wellness expands the philosophy of Integrative Medicine through its focus on empowering individuals to take responsibility and control of their own lives, thereby enhancing health, well-being and the ability to achieve their life purpose. It is a kind of lifestyle and preventative wellness allowing individuals to take an active role in getting and staying healthy.

Doctors of several health modalities are recognizing the body’s capacity to heal itself. From this, one goal of future practitioners will be to guide and empower patients toward self-healing.

Integrative Wellness takes into account the human’s physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well being as well as any environmental and social influences that impact the overall well being of a person.

The benefit of addressing the whole person is that this holistic health philosophy leaves nothing out. This philosophy requires acute awareness and mindfulness of the internal life experience as well as the outward. The development of health consciousness and mindfulness brings individuals closer to the healing of the world. By first caring for the self, an individual is then able to care for his/her environment on a familial, communal, professional and global level. Building internal wellness is the work done on a microscopic level to strive towards wellness on the macroscopic or global level.

There are a  multitude of factors that influence one’s health, and there are multitude of approaches that can affect one’s health.  All kinds of healing and all kinds of healers must work together. By fully informing and engaging the patient in health care decisions, empowerment is restored! Integrative wellness does not work toward a narrowly focused, singular technique. Rather, it cherishes and thrives on the versatility in therapeutic approaches.

Though the name may appear modern and progressive, Integrative wellness incorporates therapeutic modalities that have ancient derivations, including Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions dating back to 5,000-7,000 years ago. It also includes therapeutic approaches integrating traditional indigenous healing modalities, such as Native American ceremony, plant medicine, yoga, meditation, and connection to nature, as well as massage therapy, dance, chiropractic care, and humor/laughter.

Integrative Wellness is on the mission of collaboration and unification. We are all here together, working towards a healthier and happier world, and it begins inside, one body at a time.